Mounir Ghazi is an independent designer brand from Paris, France.

Being massively inspired by rock’n’roll and motorcycle culture, we would define our motto as such as: ‘look as good as Jim Morrison, be flamboyant like Keith Richards and be conscious like Bob Dylan’.
Real life Hells Angels, or fictional motorcycle club Sons of Anarchy, defying and questioning established rules of society, defining their own way of life, resonate to us as a will to freedom, respect and brotherhood. In a life of constant duality between good and bad that we all experience, an open road and a bike look like the medium of choice to instant freedom and self fulfillment.
We define our golden era between 1965 and 1975. Culture, lifestyle, music, innovation, art… To us, it was the most creative and exciting time of our contemporary age. Being proudly French, we believe in fashion as an art and a mean of self-expression. That is why craftsmanship is fully part of our DNA. Our obsession for quality and sustainability have led us to work strictly with Parisian artisans who master their craft, taking pride in perpetuating the tradition of French savoir-faire. All of our garment are exclusively made in Paris.
We are specialized in leather work. We believe leather gives any man a strong and cool look. Our goal is to bring back the original rock’n’roll flavor in the 21st century. We make sure that our clothes will ultimately make you look the most badass guy in the room!


Hi. I'm Mounir and I'm the creative director/ owner of the Mounir Ghazi Paris brand (MGP).

I have been interested in fashion since a very young age, and to me fashion was always linked to a cultural movement, expressed by a certain form of music. Music is usually the starting point of my reflection. From my teen age to my young adult age, I have been involved in hip hop culture being a dj, working with groups and organizing parties. After I got a Master degree in Marketing, I launched FlavorPark.com in 2008, with my brother, from our 1 bedroom apartment in the Southern suburbs of Paris. It was the first online platform offering streetwear and designer brands under the same roof.
5 years full of adventures later, after a huge fire in our warehouse, we decided to sell the website. It was the end of an exciting time in my life of adrenaline, speed, ups and downs. Everything became slow and I fell in a time of deep reflection. I wanted this energy back but I also wanted to express more of who I am. Entering my 30’s, I also felt disconnected from the hip hop movement that I have once loved. While in Los Angeles at that period, I got sensitive and influenced by the fashion designers I was hanging out with. The Californian culture being one of a kind, I opened my eyes on the motorcycle culture, the historical influence of rock music in the city, how rock fashion was still very visible and modern… I also met an impressive amount of free minds with incredible talent. I got all the ingredients to start a new creative and entrepreneurial journey.
5 years later, I’m learning to play electric guitar (already feeling like Jimi Hendrix) but most of all I’m delighted to finally share my work and my vision to the world wide web. If you feel a connection, I warmly invite you to join me in my amazing journey!