One day in New York City, while sharing a cab ride, an elderly lady told me: "young man you have a particular aura." Her voice is the voice of someone who has smoked too many cigarettes in her life. "Your look is dark but your face is bright. Your clothes fit you perfectly. Your leather jacket and your long hair say something, but I can’t tell what it is." She stopped and looked me straight in the eyes: "Are you hiding or are you fighting?"

I didn’t know what to answer… Somehow I have realized that I have been living with this question my whole life. Making clothes has actually helped me to find some answers and each of my creations is a piece of my reflection.

Expressing myself is one of my few luxuries in life. That’s why I remain fully independent. My only goal is to meet the right person and make the perfect piece for him. It can be for a special occasion or for daily wear. Meeting people, knowing about their life and being a great addition to make it better, is basically what I do.

My journey to become a designer started in 2013 after a 3 month stay in Los Angeles, followed by another long stay in London. Back in Paris, this is when I understood that I needed to find my own voice. It took me years and I am refining it collection after collection. The slender silhouette, the cut, the fit, the feel of the leather… I have become haunted.

Back in the days, my late grandfather used to take me to the markets of Casablanca, Morocco, in order to buy fruits and vegetables for the house, and sometimes to buy fabrics to make his own clothes. My grandmother was a couturier but he has his own personal tailor. He was his man of choice for his trousers, shirts and jackets, always made to measure.
My grandfather left a great influence on my life and that’s the reason why I have decided to offer tailor made and bespoke services to my clients, since my early beginnings.
That is the reason why, since my early beginnings, I have decided to offer tailor made and bespoke services to my clients.

My world is made of an education of being a gentleman with intelligence and good manners but at the same time it is also made of loud rock’n’roll, electric guitars, leather jackets and smokey bars.
I believe this is what makes my designs speak to the misfit and the misunderstood but also to the elegant man who wants a unique, meaningful and beautiful piece of leather, made by the best Parisian craftsmen.

And every time, I am in front of a blank page, I remember that encounter in a NY cab, with that long grey hair lady, smelling cigarette and looking like she lived an incredible life that I will never know about… "Are you hiding or are you fighting?"

Mounir Ghazi