The studio is where everything is possible. The place to create according to your requirements. The ultimate experience for a personalized service. Here, we talk bespoke and tailoring. This is where we deliver our expertise with a small team made of 40+ years refine craftsmen. Each creation will focus on the client's demands, shape, environment and character, while highlighting Mounir’s personal touch.


Our made to measure service will allow you to make a piece of the current collection, specifically shaped around your body and according to your preferences.
Through our first appointment, we take the time to learn about you and to understand what you need precisely.
All the MTM projects will be personally followed and supervised by Mounir Ghazi. He will also advise and provide guidance all along the process.


As a private label, we express our creativity through bespoke and pushing the boundaries when we are asked to do so.
With our bespoke program, we will be able to create a piece from scratch. Here you can create your very own silhouette, you can choose the leather you want, the color, the cut, the lapel…
Our experienced couturiers and pattern makers are ready to take up any challenge


- The first appointment
It all starts with the first appointment where you will meet Mounir Ghazi.
He will take your measurements and make sure to work based on your specific requirements.
This is a crucial step to create your personalized pattern.

- The fittings
For the second appointment with Mounir, you will try a canvas prototype. This is where we will discover if the fit is perfect or if we need to make some changes.
If that is the case a third appointment with a new fitting session will be necessary.
From then, with your agreement, our craftsmen will make the final piece, based on the modified pattern, to allow them the best execution.

- The delivery
According to the complexity of the project, the whole process can take 6 to 12 weeks from the first appointment to the delivery.
When your project will be ready for delivery, you will receive an invitation to the studio where your made to measure or bespoke piece will wait for you.

Once you experience the studio, you become a lifetime friend of the house and we are keen to grow the club.


Discover our studio service at home, available at a time convenient to you, anywhere, worldwide.
You will be able to enjoy the full experience in the comfort of your own home, office or another place of convenience.
Please contact us at contact[@] to discuss your project.